For All The Single Ladies. And Men. And Future Helicopter Pilots

We are a family that takes a lot of summer road trips, so it’s a nice bookend to this one to have taken a road trip Labor Day weekend. No, not to relax by the lake in a sleepy Midwestern town. Not even to relax by the lake in a cheesy tourist town, but to shuttle my son to yet another adventure. This time, to finish up his open water diving and become scuba certified. Which entails, for his sister and me, a number of hours sitting at the edge of the quarry playing gin rummy. And making sure she stays out of the sun because she has become obsessed with Twilight (I know I am a terrible mother and I let her read these awful books and see the movies too), and now she wants pale skin to be closer to her true love, Edward. But that’s another blog. Or maybe not…we’ll see how this one turns out.

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