Poetry helps me express my inner outsider

As summer ends, we can feel that time has a life of its own

Field of Dreams

Five years and not a crazy cat lady

Divorce and time change things, but not everything

Shifting out of the pandemic presents us with choices about redefining our relationships

How to find meaning in irreverence

And the best books to help you through it

Lessons about Grief and Love

Depositphotos.com, used under license.

February 2009

This Is Us

After my trust was abused in my marriage, I learned to trust myself

Photo: Dennis Harper/Flickr

Suspicion is the companion of mean souls and the bane of all good society. —Thomas Paine

This Is Us

Even when bad things happen, the past influences us for the better

A lone woman walks with confidence up stairs coming out from dark tunnel into bright light.
Photo: Germán Vogel/Getty Images

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing. —Miles Davis

Katy Friedman Miller

I’m a grief therapist and former hospice social worker. Our stories don’t need to make us look good, just connect us. Check out my TEDx talk at www.ted.com

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